You have one hour to make your way to the Airport, Check In, get through TSA, find Breakfast, and board your flight!

Make the right choices to get there on time

Weaving through traffic, taking your shoes off for the scanner, and finding nutrition all takes time! To make it safely to your seat, you'll need to be efficient, whilst recognising your other needs. You better start Dashing.

FlightDash is a text-based adventure game exploring the stresses in getting to your flight on-time when you wake up late. It's only a small game, but it should provide both fun and misery as you explore the different options presented and find out what gets you safely to your seat!


Get through the traffic jams

You managed to hit rush hour *slow clap* well done. Now you're going to have to weave your way through the busy commuters to get to the airport.

The roads are extremely busy this morning, but you must make your flight. Drive safe, but arrive on time, can you do both?


Head through TSA

To get to your flight, you'll need to go through security. Will you have thought to buy TSA PreCheck, or will you save your money and go through the slow queue?

TSA PreCheck would take a whopping $85 out of your budget, but it could save you a lot of time going through security, but on the other hand, that money could be used for Breakfast or access to the toll road instead...


Made as part of #RGUHack2020

Made with ♥ in 24 hours for the 2020 RGUHack, held on February 22nd and 23rd at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, United Kingdom. 🇬🇧